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Dessarollar y Nutrir Talentos

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No One Is Born Empty

Developing and Nurturing Talents

We allow each student to identify and nurture their God-given talents and gifts to become the best in society and their most honest, authentic, and loving selves.

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Safe and Serene Environment

Highest Quality of Teaching and Learning

Small Class Size for higher Participation

About Us

We are privileged to welcome you to our unique and vibrant school.

Greatfaith International School provides an environment that offers great opportunities for the young people to become confident, thoughtful young people who are prepared for any future challenges and are inspired to think, to question and to carry out research projects, as they are groomed to become contributing global citizens in an exciting and increasingly global world.

We congratulate and thank you for choosing GREATFAITH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

We are staunchly committed to providing students with the relevant and necessary skills and an environment that fosters excellent academic performance.

Our catch phrase, "No one is born empty" is what we live by.

Greatfaith International School is a model Christian School Located in Fete Kakraba, Awutu Breku. At Greatfaith School, we believe everyone is unique with varying levels of intelligence. We are committed to providing relevant skills, knowledge and environment that foster excellent academic performance. We allow each student to identify and nurture their God-given talents and gifts to become the best in society and their most honest and loving selves.

  • Safe and secure learning and teaching environment.
  • Christ-centred and practical teaching and learning environment.
  • Professional and qualified teachers; committed and caring management and staff.
  • Reasonable Fees.
  • High academic and moral standards.

To create a world-class Christian institution that produces extraordinary and brilliant students who recognize their God-given abilities and combine them with the skills and positive use of technology to meet the shifting trends required to succeed in the global technological economy.

The most talent-centric pre-tertiary college, where students discover and develop their God-given talents, abilities, and potentials via practical experience infused with relevant knowledge that leads to rewarding careers.








Labs and Libraries

Our Community

Join our community and stay updated on all classes, news and activities right here on the Greatfaith International School Website.

Montessori Curriculum

At Greatfaith, we employ the highest quality mode of teaching which is a mix of the Montessori, Ghanaian and British curricula.

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Well-trained Teachers

We boast of qualified and professional teachers passionately committed to caring for students and ensuring their safety at all times.

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Online Learning

We offer a blend of online educational content with chances for online participation and traditional classroom methods.

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Serene Environment

Greatfaith International School offers a safe and secure learning and teaching environment for kids to be comfortable and at home.

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Small Class Size

We encourage small class sizes to enhance student-teacher relationships and to promote student participation in all lessons.

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Extracurricular activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in Piano lessons, Taekwondo, Science & Maths Club and other fun activities.

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